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I love to read; an obvious statement it seems. I also enjoy spreading the word about books I've read. If you are interested in having me write a review for your novel, please contact me via email at: Please state: Review Request in the title and give information about you, your novel, publication date, and publisher/agent. Spam is all too rampant, so I will check out each request thoroughly. Novels will need to be sent, postage paid, in the mail or provided via Kindle format. If you are interested in sending multiple copies, I am happy to host a "give away contest" of your novel after I've completed my reading and review.

I am a teacher, so if I am overwhelmed with tasks, I may have to ask for an extension of time or decline a request. Book review dates are not guaranteed unless discussed ahead of time. All parties working on the book review to include myself, author, agent, or publisher will act in a professional manner at all times. If for any reason, there is a breach of this, I reserve the right not to review the book. Postage paid envelopes must be provided if the author/publisher wishes the book returned to them. Kindle books cannot be returned.

Please note: I will only read well written books that are professionally ready for publication via a publishing house (large or small press), I am not available to read "self-published" books unless we already have a standing agreement.

I will be honest in my review. There have been books read where love did not spew from my fingertips on the keyboard. Feel free to look back over some reviews I've done in the past for books I loved (and those that I didn't love so much...) Examples: Swamplandia!, Yellow Crocus, City of Darkness, or The Naked Gardner. However, I will keep my review directly related to the literary merit of the book and at no time will a review reflect a personal approach of the author. I hope to be published myself one day and extended this same courtesy and respect. I review and write about books all the time - however, please note that my reviews where I'm just sharing something I've read and those I write by request are quite different. A requested review receives exceptional attention 😊

I will read selections in:
  • Women's fiction/women's literary fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • "Chick-lit"
  • Historical fiction
  • Crime/Investigation
  • Suspense/Mystery (not horror - I do not like Stephen King "horror" - I do not find it scary at all, so if it falls under his "brand" it's not for me...I do love his other works: Stand by Me, 11/22/63, Shawshank Redemption, etc...)
  • YA Novels with "grit" (no sad dystopian novels where some future society is in danger and the current teens have to save the world...I teach teens - this is too far fetched for me. Authors I like in the YA genre: Ruta Sepetys, Sara Zarr, John Green, Rick Riordan, Trenton Lee Stewart, Brenda Vicars, Libbra Bray, Michelle Gangnon...)
I am not interested in anything that remotely falls into "erotica" - some sex in the book, if warranted, is fine, but overkill is NOT my thing. I cannot stress this enough. The Fifty Shades phenomena is a waste of paper and seriously gives me pause about the state of society and humanity. Do not ask - the answer is no.

I look forward to reading your work. 

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