Saturday, April 21, 2018

National Poetry Month - Poetic Asides, Day 21

For today’s prompt, write a danger poem. There are various levels of danger out there–from physical danger to the danger of being discovered doing something you shouldn’t (or doing something that might embarrass you–or someone else). Even the act of writing and sharing a poem brings with it the potential for danger.

We met in obscure locations,
cloaked in darkness for our
first kiss. Spring air,
whirling around a shield
of tall trees, sweet with blossoms
of youth, of dew, of twigs
entwined in my hair.
Two bodies both alike,
spurning aching avarice
anew among friends.
A former lover scorned,
but hurt without intent
for how could we evade
what we felt rising like
the eternal burn of the sun?
And yet we disguised our
veiled movements until
we couldn't anymore.
Until the balcony called
out betwitched by charms
unto which passion lead
to paroxysms flooding our
heart, our soul, our person.
Raising questions:
Can we go forward where
our heart beats to be? Risking
the threat of each other?
Yes, go.
Fear not the pluck of
affection - shirk off thy
peril of intimidation.
Run towards the jeopardy
of the storm, of a frenzied
heated affair, discarding the
exigency of exposure.
And in that these violent delights
meet not a violent end,
but a satisfaction beyond doubt,
a bounty as boundless as the sea -
and thus we live with a kiss.

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