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Author Spotlight: Julia Kite - The Hope and Anchor

Ladies and gentlemen - meet Julia Kite. She is the author of The Hope and Anchor published in February of 2018.

Julia Kite lives in Manhattan, and calls New York City and London home. She is a graduate of Columbia University and the London School of Economics. Obsessed with cities and the people in them, she started her career researching housing and urban regeneration, and she now directs policy and research for a transportation improvement organisation. Before she began working to make New York City’s streets better for cyclists, she was taking long rides along the Grand Union Canal in West London. She is a member of the Columbia Fiction Foundry, an alumna of quiz shows The Chase and Jeopardy, an urban wildlife rehabilitator, a keen amateur baker, and the owner of an opinionated parrot. The Hope and Anchor is her first novel, a work of fiction about a very real place she holds dear.

In the depths of winter in West London, Neely Sharpe's life is turned upside down: not only has her career reached a dead end, but her girlfriend, Angela, has vanished. In desperation, Neely scours the city to try and find out what has happened, travelling from London's pubs and snowy streets, down to the depths of the sewers. As her hunt continues, networks of friends, family, and old adversaries become entangled and she ends up delving into Angela's past. Nothing could prepare her for what she will discover about the hidden life of the woman she loves. 

Two crucial parts of Neely Sharpe’s life are missing: Her once-great potential and her girlfriend, Angela. A failed academic turned frustrated office drone who had assumed that once she made it to London, she would be somebody, Neely finds herself tasked with a job finally suiting her intellect – piecing together the hidden life of the working-class, epileptic, and quietly devoted woman she loves. As the crucial days of Angela’s disappearance pass, Neely excavates Angela’s secrets, uncovering a sister who pushed her family away, a father obsessed with immortalising it, and a smattering of locals who don’t let their own problems get in the way of poking around in those of others. In search of answers as to what happened to her girlfriend - and why - Neely scours the city, from parks to pubs to the sewers in a snowstorm as the two women’s networks of friends, family, and old adversaries intertwine. In order to find any answers, Neely risks losing all the illusions she so carefully cultivated about what her life should be – but for the generation that was promised so much, one thing is certain: there is nothing worse than being a nobody. The Hope and Anchor captures the dreams London embodies for its natives and newcomers alike, and what happens when the dreamers finally have to wake up.

The Hope & Anchor is an atmospheric debut novel which captures the dreams London holds for its natives and newcomers alike, and investigates what happens when the dreamers finally have to wake up.

Kite, Julia. “The Hope and Anchor.” 
Unbound, Feb. 2018, 

What are people saying?

"A riveting tale of love and intrigue - Kite's unforgettable characters, startling prose and a vivid sense of place are woven artfully through this tale of love, deception and intrigue. The story delves deep into the human psyche and the gritty neighborhoods where the tale takes place." - TAMB, Amazon Reviews

"Victor Hugo meets Martin Amis - On the surface Julia Kite’s debut novel may appear to be a murder mystery. Protagonist, Neely Sharpe starts off thinking so....What materializes, soon enough that coziness never has a prayer, is a labyrinthine trek through the back alleys, nightmares, and disillusion comprising contemporary West London. Before Neely discovers how her missing roommate died she has to discover how she lived. It’s uncomfortable and un-pretty. Nor is it far from Neely’s emergent recollection of her own struggle." - Ralph White, Amazon Reviews

The Hope and Anchor is her first novel and can be purchased on Amazon or Unbound.

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