Saturday, June 24, 2017

Savoring the Seasons by Traci Borum

Welcome back Chilton Crosse!

I'm so thrilled to do another review for author Traci Borum (a native and fellow Texan!). Her Chilton Crosse series is wonderful and just the escape I need to the cozy British countryside.

Savoring the Seasons is the fourth novel in the Chilton Crosse series.

Books in the series:

Painting the Moon
Finding the Rainbow
Seeking the Star

As I've noted in previous reviews (links included above) I'd like to move to this charming Costwold village #posthaste. This cozy series has everything you need to feel like the world has smiled and given you a hug. I think I've said that before in another book in the series, but I stand by it - it's absolutely true.

Now that doesn't mean that it's without conflict or tension - life has conflict and tension, and decisions are often bigger than ourselves...and that's just what Julia Bentley must decide as she navigates the choices she has made in her life.

Julia Bentley has just spent her fortieth birthday does what she always does - baking treats for the customers in her Cotswold bakery and taking care of her elderly father. She doesn't realize how stagnant her life has become until a younger man, Tristan Hannigan, arrives at the village and shows interest in her. As Julia grows closer to Tristan, he begin to season her mundane days and to challenge her insecurities about herself and how she views the world. 

But the relationship is threatened when Julia's doubts become too great, and the secret she's afraid to reveal creates a wedge between them. Will Julia choose the easy route, slipping back into her daily routine and living without love? Or will she find the courage to follow her heart and accept the love she deserves?

Ms. Borum has created an idyllic romance in the internal struggle of Julia Bentley. I appreciate the subtle nuances of her character and her battle with decisions that I think many women feel are apart of the feminine experience. Her relationship with Tristan grows organically and there is mystery there - mystery that keeps the reader turning the page. 

Now I feel I must also give the reader warning: I consumed more scones, baked goods, pie, bread, and sandwiches while reading this novel than my waistband appreciated. Seriously - if you weren't craving bakery fresh creations, you will be. Put your local bakery on speed dial. 

And that's the mark of a good book, I believe. For the subtleties of the characters, their lives, their day to day, to infiltrate the reader's life - my day to day. I regularly believed that the Publix scones were certainly not at good as Julia Bentley's, and maybe, just maybe, there's more to caring about others around you than effort previously given (particularly the elderly). I think Savoring the Seasons is part romance, part family, and part life lesson. 

Happy Reading my friends - this is one to savor.

Publication for this book is June 28th! Be sure to get your copy at: for a pre-order. Additionally, the previous books in the series are on a flash sale if you'd like to catch up - I assumer you, one afternoon is all you need to read and fall in love with this cozy women's series. For more details about the previous books and where to go for a steal, visit

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  1. Cresta, I'm thrilled you liked the book. Thanks for taking the time to read/review it! I loved your review. :-)