Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Beach House by Jane Green

The Beach HouseThe Beach House by Jane Green
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A fun and light summer read. Albeit, Jane Green is a British writer and unfortunately her editor missed some very "British" phrases in this novel set in America. Not terribly distracting to the story, but they do kind of jump off the page at you. And my only other real beef: find a synonym for the word truculent. My word -it's said FOUR times about her daughter. Truclent means belligerent or hateful; the synonyms abound for the behavior of a jilted teenage girl!!! shows FORTY SEVEN options.

Okay - rant about that over.

Nan Powell is a modern day hippie. She has no qualms about her quirky personality. Leave your pool available and you're not home? She may just go for a quick "skinny dip." She lives a beautiful old home in Nantucket, but as time has a way of doing, she learns that the money she thought would carry her all the way to Heaven is slowly dwindling down. And on top of that, old houses need major upkeep (I would know!) and Nan just can't afford to do what needs to be done. So she makes a decision - she will rent rooms for the summer in her grand home that has direct access to the beach.

People carrying their own proverbial baggage start filing into the house making it come alive again. Every character in this novel seems to be fighting some sort of losing battle, and when an truly unexpected visitor appears, everyone's world comes crashing down. But, this is women's fiction - so no worries my friends, the turn around will appear. In the end, it'll all be okay.

The Beach House is simply sweet. Take it out with you in the sand and sun. :-)

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