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Finding the Rainbow by Traci Borum

Finding the Rainbow (Chilton Crosse, #2)Finding the Rainbow by Traci Borum
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So - I completely gushed over Traci Borum's first book Painting the Moon and I'm about to do it again. #swoon Finding the Rainbow is just as "warm hug worthy" as her debut novel.

Ms. Borum returns the reader to Chilton Crosse and she allows us to delve deeper into the life of a new character Holly Newbury. We met her briefly in book one because she worked part-time at the art gallery where we all fell in love with Noelle Cooke and her illusive deceased aunt.

Holly Newbury’s life, however, seems to be sitting at a perpetual stop sign in the English village of Chilton Crosse. Her friends are off getting married and adding to their brood while she's over here like "look at me raise my sisters." And while she feels noble in her job to be the mother figure in their lives after the untimely death of their own mother, her life is missing a few vital elements - particularly love. Holly always puts family first and she's comfortable with this choice. But the air shifts when a film crew moves into their tiny town and Fletcher Hays waltzes into her life. He's from Texas. :-) He's there to shoot a new version of Emma (Hello - a little Jane Austen match-making ta-da!)

They quickly become friends but the reader can see every nuance of flirtation that exists for both parties.

However, in true Emma fashion, a little matching is happening much to Holly's dismay. When her father makes a sudden choice to re-marry she and her sisters hear the news as a crushing blow to a family that's already endured so much. Add to this Holly’s snappy teenage twin sisters doing what teens do, and her new best friend Fletcher talking of his plans to return to America as soon as filming is over, Holly feels more lost than ever. She has to find a way to be happy in chaos swirling around her.

Finding the Rainbow takes the reader on a cozy journey of life and love. Holly is a character just like you and me and her devotion to her family speaks kindness to all. Like a Jane Austen novel, the romance is sweet and appropriately passionate not forcing the reader into an over-the-top rendezvous. Friends first is clearly Ms. Borum's motive and frankly, it's a smart one. This builds the foundation for real love. It is definitely a happy endings book and sometimes we need those in life.

I cannot wait for book three!

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  1. Hi Cresta! I love reading your reviews. They are so thoughtful and well-written. I love that you "get" my books. Thank you SO much for taking the time to read and review Book 2. I'm thrilled that you liked it! Can't wait to send you Book 3. :-)

  2. Very thoughtful review of a wonderful book!