Friday, April 3, 2015

Poetic Asides, April 1, 2, and 3 (I'm a little behind!)

April is National Poetry Month. While I don't wax poetic often, I try every year to participate in this daily creative writing challenge hosted by Writer's Digest and well-respected poet, Robert Brewer. I'm a few days behind so I'll be posting three poems today.

My poetry is introspective at best, silly at worst, and every range in-between. I make no claims to great writing here, but sometimes I stumble upon my own "gem" of a phrase. Creative writing in all forms, to include poetry, is an excellent arsenal.

Each day I'll post the poem's topic and my entry. I would love comments and feedback as you see fit, but certainly not necessary :-)

If you'd like to play along and enter your own poetry to the challenge, visit:

April 1, 2015:  For today’s prompt, write a resistance poem. There are many forms of resistance, including militant resistance, resistance to new ideas, the resistance in exercise, and maybe even a little resistance to starting a new project. I hope you don’t resist the urge to write a poem today.

Boom from the Inside Out

When my chest rattles
to the naked eye I’m still;
breathing in the expectations
of calm serenity. If they could only see:

The dotted lines that race
across my face as pencils
claw, and scratch, and tear
at the fabric of young lives
begging for the right answer…

Their smiles fading, wanting
to say “No!” I will not peel back
the layers of grandeur
for the sake of philanders that
pillage the greatness of the troubled…

Futility. Swallowing the need
to impede like the Jews on their knees;
raking in the crumbs of manna
that does not fall from the sky.

April 2, 2015: For today’s prompt, write a secret poem. The poem itself could be a secret, or it could be about keeping secrets or, I suppose, not keeping them. Or maybe it’s about a top secret project, or the poem is a riddle with some sort of secret meaning. Or, well, I’ll let you figure out how best to poem secretively.

My Pretty Face

Cat’s eyes peer beneath my forehead
A button nose that whispers adore me
Freckled cheeks of a natural glow
Innate lips that shimmer and show
Physique of tone “they” love to hate
Trendy fashion lovely draped –
That hides the depths of black in my eyes
And the screams of tears down my nose do slide
Pocked by scars on my freckled face
No color of warmth in a kiss embraced
Rigs to hold my form in place
To remain the girl they love to hate.

April 3, 2015: For today’s prompt, write a machine poem. A machine could be a car or a robot, obviously, but simple machines include levers, pulleys, and screws. There’s also “machine learning” and “deus ex machina.” But there are many other ways to come at this prompt as well.

Puppet Strings

Programmed to push.
Oiled to reveal.
Tweaked to supply.
Manipulated to kneel.
Twisted to perform.
Calibrated to break.
Rebuilt to conform.
Finessed to be fake.
Stringed to impress.
Doted to be patched.
Dismissed to the side,
Ignored on your ass.

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