Saturday, December 6, 2014

Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts

Shadow Spell (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, #2)Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I tried. I really really really tried. And I didn't hate it, it's just so poorly written. Cliche in all the wrong places, stock characters with no depth, predictable romance, and I know the ending without reading the whole series. But, I don't want to count Nora Roberts out just yet, maybe magic just isn't her thing?

I mean Branana will end of up with Fin and if she doesn't, it'll be some unrequited love story; Connor with Meara, and Boyle with Iona (already a done deal).

Cabahn, their nemesis of which their mother died to kill but somehow screwed it up, and then they in turn screwed up in book one, is coming back. No surprise there - he's the villain. And despite the best efforts of Connor O’Dwyer (he's the protagonist this round which gave it a marginally different feel) and his circle of family and friends, the sorcerer will not stop until "vengeance is his" on all descendants of Sorcha, the original Dark Witch (insert evil laugh). Because Connor and his sisters, and their newly minted American cousin (who's written like a dimwit) are of Sorcha's direct line, he's targeting them. But just like a stock man, Connor loses his interest in the battle of Cabhan because he's all caught up in Meara. Really? If I were a man, I'd be a bit put off by this cliche development of my character. One frivolous kiss awakens a ridiculously written "true passion" they feel for each other, but they are friends and there's that drama of what that will do to their friendship...etc...etc...etc...and the idea that Cabhan, as predicted, will attack anyone close to the O'Dwyer family just to hurt them. Book three is surely a final confrontation with Cabhan, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say the finish the job - finally.

Nora Roberts - you've made me sad in your writing...but I'm going to give you another go with Blue Dahlia - don't disappoint.

I will give the book series this ENTHUSIASTIC TWO THUMBS UP THOUGH - the covers a brilliantly designed and beautiful to look at! Kudos to the graphic artist!!

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