Saturday, February 1, 2014

TCAP Testing - A Little Poem

I wrote this poem for my students for TCAP testing. I'm excited to give it to them this week because it's fun. It'll be attached to a bag of Smarties :-)

Keep all of the CMCSS students in your prayers this week as they tackle an insurmountable TCAP writing assessment, one I would most assuredly fail.

BTW - the top score is a "4" - hence all the little "word plays" throughout :-)

I know the TCAP seems 4-boding
With 4-thought required and endless droning
And we’ve 4-warned of its dubious tasks
A 4-most challenge is what they ask
But your 4-sight is more than enough
A 4-cast of greatness, a diligent strut
Have great 4-bearance with this test,
As you’re 4-ever best of the best!

May the 4-ce be with you!

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