Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jump Rope for Heart

Today's blog is dedicated to my father, Travis Boring, and my son.

When I was 17, my father had a heart attack. I wasn't home, he was there alone. My mother and my brother were out of town. Needless to say, when I pulled up from being out with friends to a very quiet house with my Grandparent's Explorer in the driveway, I knew something was wrong. This was before the time of cell phones; there really was no way to reach me.

I remember going to the CCU and visiting my dad, just me. It was very hard to see him incapacitated, sand bags on his leg so he wouldn't move, and looking like the bottom had just fallen out of his world. I remember him telling me, "People think they want to let go sometimes, but when you're lying on that table all you want it for them to save your life." And they did.

But, he's not 100% out of the woods. Heart patients tend to stay heart patients. He's had a few procedures done over the years, to include a triple bypass with a valve replacement. CJ and I went to TX for this one to be there.

My father and CJ have a very special bond, and it's because of research and financial backing that the medical community has made so many strides in working to better the care of heart patients that my father and CJ get to keep this special bond.

This year, as he does every year, CJ is participating in Jump Rope for Heart through is elementary school. This program devotes its donations to children with heart disease. And it's my belief that through early intervention, maybe heart disease won't have to plague adults.

If you can, please give. His goal is $250 and we've already raised $100! CJ would like to raise $1,000! He's got big plans to save the world. (Just to let you know what's on the horizon: he takes major issue with deforestation!)

CJ's Jump Rope for Heart Page - Click Here! 


  1. Its because of your family, your brothers family, and my two wonderful grandchildren that I am glad someone was there to help me when I needed the help. When this happened to me many years ago all I could think was I have to get better for what was coming ahead. And CJ and Ava was just what the doctor ordered.