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Guest Post: Jasmine Giacomo (Author of Rebel Elements)

Authors are such truly creative people. We often don't give them enough credit for taking us out of the reality we live in and plunging into a world where truly anything can happen. Writers create magic, and that is exactly what my guest post by Jasmine Giacomo writes about today. Please enjoy!

Magic is my Normal

Magic runs in my blood. It drives me to write fantasy fiction. I wrote my first fantasy story at age 14, but I don’t remember ever reading any fantasy before that point. I suppose I had a few fairy tale storybooks when I was very small—I distinctly remember reading the Snow White Golden Book to my stuffed animals at age four. When I was a little older, I ate up the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, and anything with adventure in it (Huckleberry Finn, anyone?). But fantasy?

I have a pretty solid theory on how this magic got into me. I grew up in a conservative Christian household (hence the no-fantasy childhood). But you know what I did have? A Bible full of amazing, magical stories about time running in reverse, people rising from the dead, heroes in both genders, crazy battlefield confrontations, and straight-up miracles that saved the day.

You’ve got your coming-of-age stories, your quests, your good-vs-evil for the sake of the planet. You’ve got angels, demons, monsters, villains, and awesomely flawed heroes. Deities clash, power corrupts. Powerful beings communicate in dreams, and prophecies come true—or seem to contradict until that final twist. Protagonists get cheated, beaten, ignored, or murdered. In true epic fashion, centuries pass and a hero’s descendants get to play their own roles in the future of their realm. And everyone has cool names, even if you can’t always pronounce them.

Once I started writing my own short fantasy stories, I fell in love with the Dragonlance books. I read those all throughout my high school years, and just ate them all up. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman gave me a glorious new world to delve into. I inhaled the world they created, their world-changing Cataclysm, the characters that spread across the face of Krynn.

The conflicts they crafted were always entertaining to me—and on a world with several different creature races, someone’s always in conflict with someone else—and sometimes with the gods themselves. Caramon, Tanis, Flint, Tasslehoff, and Kaz were my favorites.

The books eventually told stories about the original heroes’ children, as well. Truly epic. One of my favorite feelings when I read a good fantasy story is the belief that the characters and their world will continue to move forward in time, even after I stop reading at the end of the series. I definitely got that sensation from the Dragonlance novels, and it’s something I’ve craved from every fantasy book I’ve read since.

We grow up from childhood into our teen years, and whatever we have around us, that’s our normal. My normal involved magic, and lots of it. I want to live in a world that has magic, so I do. Even if I have to write it into existence myself.

Jasmine currently has a new release out entitled Rebel Elements and I'm thrilled to kick off her "Rebel Tour" with Red Adept Publishing.

Rebel Elements

First Seal of the Duelists

Bayan’s life is busy but rewarding as he trains to take over his father’s successful farm, until the day his elemental magic manifests. Philo, a eunuch of the Waarden Empire, must follow the law and send Bayan to the distant Duelist Academy to hone his skills—where the empire will claim him as its own property for life.

Before Bayan can reach the Academy campus, he and Philo are attacked by bandits who leave behind a mysterious item. While Philo tracks down its true importance through ancient archives and noble manors, Bayan struggles to fit in at the Academy, where his anger at his situation gets him into as much trouble as his outlander appearance. Worse, his rage poisons his magic, tainting it.

To complicate matters further, an assassin’s strike leads Bayan and Philo to uncover a mysterious, deadly plot whose successful outcome would change the world as they know it. Bayan must choose between his new life as a duelist and the power of his own rage. Who will he save?

About the Author

Jasmine Giacomo writes from Washington State, where she lives with her husband and two children. She graduated last millennium with a degree in English Literature from a college built atop a volcano.

Though she's been writing since the age of four, she also enjoys geocaching, history, science and games, and holds a black belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. She particularly enjoys reading and writing fight scenes.

Her current writing project is book three in the Seals of the Duelists series. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Amazon, and Worlds of Jasmine.

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