Friday, April 19, 2013

Blood Echo by Melissa Simonson

Every so often a book comes along that hooks you from the opening line. Blood Echo by Melissa Simonson is that book. From page one, I was knee deep the red waves of mystery.

There is a dark, but warm, quality that encompasses the writing style of Melissa Simonson. She evokes pity for characters that a reader would normally deem unlovable and that speaks volumes for her talent!

Estella and Iris were best friends. Not just a simple concept of  best friends, but tried and true, dark and twisted, connected like blood, but thicker, best friends. They've survived struggle unknown to many, and faced loneliness with only each other to cling. And then tragedy strikes (I won't tell you what - you'll have to read to find out!) and Iris finds herself in a world unknown, one without her best friend (however, it does seem some bonds are forever).

But this world is more foreign than Iris could have imagined. Armed with a new twist on her own life, she dips in and out of emotionally charged moments, some devastating to her own well being. Yet, as she learns to control her new fate, Iris opens herself to possibilities, opportunities if you will, to make certain things right.

From exasperating characters like Darren to endearing characters like Fred, Blood Echo will leave the reader thirsting for more. Lovers of series such as The Southern Vampire Mysteries (aka True Blood) will be sure to love Blood Echo; this is not Twilight fan fiction!

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About Melissa Simonson via Red Adpet Publishing:
Melissa Simonson has been writing for four years and started mainly out of weekend boredom. She's a self-professed caffeine addict and a terrible driver; she has a weird fascination with rosary beads, complicated cocktails, and diet coke.

When she's not writing, she can be found watching endless hours of Dexter and Weeds and reading dark, gritty fiction.
Since she saw Jason Statham in her favorite movie Snatch, Melissa has wanted to marry him.

She lives in Southern California with her four year old son, Liam, who is already smarter than she is.

 For more about Melissa Simonson, visit her blog at

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  1. Blood Echo sounds like a dark and emotionally riveting other words just my cup of tea. I'll definitely be checking it out. thanks