Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sunday Weekend Wrap-up

Why does the weekend fly by? When I finally have time to myself, I sadly realize it's almost 5p and time to get everything together to start the week ahead.

It's dreadfully cold in TN. As a girl from TX, March is supposed to bring sunshine and comfy outdoor temps. I'm certainly ready for some warm afternoons and comfortable summer nights - I could skip Spring altogether (mostly because it makes my allergies dance and sing).

I spent yesterday celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday at the local public library. I know it's an institution that is often"out of fashion" but I sure wish that wasn't so. I have a Kindle like much of the reading world, but there is something nostalgic and almost magical about being in a library. Of course, yesterday it was a nest of activity with children bouncing from event to event learning about Dr. Suess's contributions to the literary world. My son particularly enjoyed the chemistry event, making his own Lorax, and reading The Sneetches. Dr. Suess certainly knew how to entertain children and adults alike. There was a Poli-Sci-Suess area, too of which I appreciated.

This weekend I hope to finish reading City of Silence, the third installment in the City of Mystery series. I am so close to the end I can almost see the clues coming as I turn the pages (in a good way, Kim Wright leaves more than enough to suspense). I've got the Kureig turned on so I can enjoy a nice cup of Java and flush out the killer in Russia.

Next up on my blog will be a guest post from Morgan C. Talbot. She also writes mystery novels, and I reviewed the first book, First to Find, last November. I enjoyed the plot, but felt I might have connected more if I'd known more about geocaching - the skill/sport much of novel circulates. Well, I now have the chance to learn. She'll be writing for us about this code-breaking game and I'm really looking forward to learning.

My next adventure will be Stardust Summer by Lauren Clark. She captured our hearts with Dancing Naked in Dixie and I hosted a book-giveaway (winner Emily Bustos, Austin, TX). Lauren is back again with her next publication and I'm looking forward to reading it.

I have a long list of books, posts, and reviews that carry me through May, but for now I'll just leave it at a simple round of three.

Don't forget to stop by Kate Moretti's website or enter using the Rafflecopter below to win a copy of Thought I Knew You. You won't be disappointed!

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  1. I hope this isn't too random, but I am doing a blogging lesson at APSU and have to comment on someone's blog that I know, and I remember that you have a blog... So here I am! I really enjoyed reading this blog, I felt like it was very interesting and fun to read! You sure do love books!

  2. Funny :-) And yes, I do. Feel free to steer traffic my way (on the blog!). I'll be writing another review momentarily.