Tuesday, March 5, 2013

City of Silence by Kim Wright

Ms. Wright certainly has landed on a formula for writing an intriguing mystery. But it's not dull like a butter-knife (how I mostly felt about Evanovich's numbered mysteries); it's sharp and digs deep into the gut of every reader (more like Sue Grafton's alphabet series). I know this isn't the last book and I think most readers are perfectly pleased about this. There are many more cities that demand Ms.Wright's attention. Apparently the next installment lands us in Calcutta, India but as a stateside reader, I wonder might she be "Coming to America" anytime soon?

City of Silence takes Trevor Welles and his forensic team to Russia. I was very excited to learn the locale of this installment because I have a dear friend, Katia Raina (fellow blogger, visit her at: http://katiaraina.wordpress.com/) that is originally from Russia. I am fascinated by other countries, the way they live, interact, think, and Wright leaves no stone unturned as she pulls her beloved characters through the mystical, magical, and sometimes murky past of the Romanov court. 

The Queen is on a mission - to save her favorite (although she'd not really admit this) granddaughter, Alix, from marrying into the Tsar's family. However, being Queen teaches a woman a thing or two and she knows if she forbids it, it will only push Alix closer to being a part of the Russian royal family. Rather than attempt to dissuade Alix's love for Nicky, the Queen embraces the idea of a visit to Russia; an opportunity for them all to become better acquainted. Nicky has extended an invitation to Alix for the Tchaikovsky ball. Upon acceptance, the Queen assembles her private team of escorts and guardians  via the Scotland Yard to both protect and investigate what she believes to be questionable information about what's really going on inside the Winter Palace. And her suspicions prove to be right - things are not always as they seem.

The sailing party is already aware of a murder the Russians have deemed a double-suicide, but upon docking the team learns new details that prove the Russian authorities have ruled wrongly. Trevor and his team are called upon by their duty to justice and their support of the Queen and her granddaughter to uncover the truth within the Imperial family; and sometimes out of it.

Kim Wright's characters continue to captivate me. I feel as if we're old friends going on a quest together. I talk to them in the book, laugh with them, become frustrated with them, and feel so happy for them when they develop into a greater moment than thought possible. As they make their discoveries throughout the journey I feel like a fan cheering them on to victory. Each member of the forensic team plays an integral part and the dynamics with which they interact continue to fascinate me. It's a well-choreographed dance, every arm in line, every foot just so.

Once again, I highly recommend this mystery series to even the pickiest suspense reader - Wright will satisfy.

As it seems, right now City of Silence for Kindle is showing for FREE on Amazon.com prime - (to borrow I think, but could be to have?).  I have no idea how long this fantastic deal will last, but if there was a ever a book you wanted to snap up, this is the one.

Happy Reading!

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