Saturday, May 12, 2012

My blog is making the rounds...GREAT!

I've been nominated by my dear friend Missy Frye (who has her own fabulous blog to be mentioned in just a moment!) for a Versatile Blog Award.

This award is bestowed by a blogger for having a blog that is unique in subject matter OR takes a steady subject matter and gives it a fresh and new look.  This is my second nomination so rather than rewrite the entire thing, I'm just going to add a few blogs to my list that I read on a regular basis.  The original post with my original list of blogs can be found here.

Missy Writes - Great blog with a writer's journey and books reviews.  I enjoy reading each post!

A Yankee's Southern Exposure - Great blog with contests, writing, random thoughts, and awesome laughs!  

Five more interesting facts:

1.  I eat sweets when no one is looking like a sad little hoarder. I try so hard to be healthy, but never underestimate my desire for a good candy bar.

2.  I talk to my lizard like it's a puppy.  The fact that I own a lizard is usually surprising enough because people say I just don't look like "the type."

3.  I have a tattoo.  Some people know this already.  It's small, but truth be told, if I had the money I'd have a whole lot more - I love them! I'm also told I don't look like the type to have a tattoo.  (I sure get "typed" a lot)

4.  I'm more spiritual than I am religious.  I attend a Baptist church, but I think the relationship I have with God is very personal and I struggle with being told "how" to be a christian by man. I don't talk about religion much because I find it to be a topic that ensues argument, however I never allow someone to denounce my faith.

5.  I have never been to Disney Land or Disney World and I'm more than okay with that!

I'm running out of things to share!  :-)

Happy blogging, happy reading.

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