Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

For today’s prompt, write a judging poem. This is a poem that could be judging others, or it is a poem being judged. I realize there is the opportunity for feelings to get hurt with this poem–so 
please be mindful of language, subject matter, and personal attacks.

Judgement -ooooohhhhh.  This is easy and hard.  Depends on which way the pointer points.  I think I'll subject myself to the judgment today.

"Hey Teacher Lady..."

There's a typo on this test,
it says "and" instead of "an"
You are "a" idiot - yeah, me.
"Can you still answer the question?"
My response will be?
Yeah, it doesn't make a difference
if I pick A or C...
because I didn't really read it,
this is a waste of time for me.
"So, what your saying is,
you're looking for my flaws?"
Not applying any skills, 
not what I've taught at all.
Should I point out your mistakes,
with more than my red pen?
Of your failures and your dramas,
that sadly came from within...
Your dilapidated parents
that cannot even "right",
never mind their words 
are handed out with spite.
To judge me every day, just like you are now.
Finding imperfections 
that don't harm you any how...
But, you're looking for a reason,
and I'm easy to judge
with the requirements placed upon me,
I often live in sludge
and mud and mess and muck
of situations I've not created,
only to be told, it's me to be abated
and minimized, and scolded,
and pricked and prodded, and molded
into a robot of a teacher,
controlled from the outside
and praying everyday,
my judgement will subside.

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