Saturday, February 11, 2012

"You never really know a person until you climb into his skin..."

Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird

From The Versatile Blogger Award - as promised, five random facts about me...

1.  I can weld.  Yes, weld.  I took it in high school in Agricultural Mechanics and made picnic tables, roping dummies, and random blocks of metal in shapes that didn't really have a name.  I can use a MIG and a TIG, and I can cut with an Oxygen/Acetylene torch.  Now, I grant you it's been a long time since I've done these activities, but I'm fairly certain I'd acclimate quickly again.  I was one of the best in my class - cool welding helmet and all.

2.  Speaking of Ag Mechanics, I was also in the FFA.  I was the Secretary and have the fancy blue corduroy jacket to prove it.  During my tenure in this club, I castrated goats and pigs (rubber band style) and drug hogs through the shoot, too.  I mucked in the mud of their stalls.  I also helped raise some baby chickens (nasty animals) and snapped little tags to their tiny legs.  I've been to auction to watch these animals sold (all owned by friends, my parents wouldn't buy me a pig) and teared up just a little when "Jimmy Dean" the pig got a high bid.

3.  In high school, I could not write.  Not at all.  My papers were terrible and I didn't have a literary creative bone in my body (not that I was ever asked to be creative).  My mother edited all my papers and told me how truly horrible they were (she was right) and sadly, I would still turn them in and get A's.  Looking back, it depresses me.

4.  I hated to read until I was 26 years old.  Wouldn't touch a book.  Read only the cheat notes all through high school and college (except for To Kill a Mockingbird - I read that) and I still made A's on all the quizzes and tests.  I never had a reason to deviate from my system.  It wasn't until Jerry was gone for the first time while we were married and I couldn't sleep that I opened the pages of Harry Potter and my entire world changed.  I went back and "re-read" all those classics I'd skipped over and found myself completely immersed in books and words.  I was mad at myself for all the time I wasted.

5.  I love to cook.  If I had more time I would cook all the time, and bake.  My dream is to be a stay-at-home mom that writes in the mornings and then prepares delicious dinners with dessert every night for my family.  Of course, we'd have to go on family runs every day to not explode from the amount of food I'd prefer to eat.  I am not thin because God let me be one of those "skinny" girls we want to slap as she woofs down a cheeseburger and doesn't gain a pound, I'm thin because I'm hungry!  There's a happy fat girl inside me that would love to eat gourmet everyday!

There it is - five random little tidbits about me...

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