Friday, February 10, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Well, I had to deviate from my literary trends post because I had to share some news!  I've been nominated by my dear friend Katia Raina (who has her own fabulous blog to be mentioned in just a moment!) for a Versatile Blog Award.

This is news to me!  Apparently this nod is something of an applaud by the blogger world and I am truly honored to be a part of it!  I know, tons of exclamation points on this post - breaking the conventions rules right and left!

This award is bestowed by a blogger for having a blog that is unique in subject matter OR takes a steady subject matter and gives it a fresh and new look.  My list below will be a compilation of both; some new blogs and some well established.  Some literary, some young adult, some cooking, some crafty.

Here is what was said about my blog:  Here is a blog that is super-versatile, from a writer, a mom with quite traditional values and a high school English teacher with a passion for her subject. Each time you open this blog you are just never going to know what you’ll get. Ballet, Russia, Hamlet, her family — those are just some of the many subjects she covered. I “met” Cresta through a Writers Digest contest in which we both were finalists. I thought my story was pretty good, but hers rocked, and I told her so!  (My head is swelling just a little, well - maybe a lot!)

In no true order, I hereby bestow the Versatile Award on the following blogs.  When you receive the award you must a) post this super cool badge to your blog and blog about it b) share a few random tidbits about your life and c) nominate another 15 blogs to keep the merriment going. 

But, I'm going to ruin the chain - I don't read 15 blogs.  I know there are more awesome blogs out there, I just don't have time.  There are 12 that I check in on regularly, even if they don't post regularly because the posts are so great, I reread them just for fun.  So, here is my list of blogs I think are awesome, versatile, and just plain good reading.

1.  Magic Mirror - Now it may just seem like we are tossing the love back and forth (and we might be) but I also chose this blog because I simply LOVE IT.  First and foremost, Katia has a great story full of interesting history and this is found in her profile.  She blogs about writing, life, and most importantly, she blogs about books she's read.  I love her willingness to share her thoughts on literature with the world.  I particularly enjoyed her post "Fork in the Road" where she shared the struggles of writing and a full-time job.  This is a concept that really resonates with me personally and I found comfort in knowing I am not alone.  For this, I thank her.

2.  Teneo - This blog is by one of my very best friends, Michael Watson or the O.G. as he calls himself.   He doesn't get to blog very often, he's in graduate school.  So, I assume much of his writing these days is spent pouring over the finer points of classic literature.  However, his blog deals with some funny (because it's true) and some serious subjects.  For a true laugh, check out Wait Your Turn (I just read it again and I was roaring with laughter).

3.  Ketchin' Up - this is a fairly new blog, but not a new writer.  She has dabbled in blogging before and is well versed in the world of writing.  She has a deep wisdom that I truly admire.  And, because I know her personally, too, her blog fills my head and heart with wonderful thoughts.  I cannot wait to continue to read it!

4.  Rachelle Gardner - This is a very direct writing blog.  Rachelle give tips and tricks for becoming a better writer and does so in a flawless way.  Her advice is timeless.  She accepts books for both the Christian market and the general market.  One day, my goal is to query her because she is a woman I feel truly knows a great book when she reads one.

5.  TG Editor - I love reading his blog because he is so very practical.  Some of my favorite posts are clearing up little mishaps in writing he finds all over the Internet (Lord, don't let him get a hold of my blog now).  As with Ms. Gardner, agent extraordinaire, I hope to submit a manuscript to him one day and let him make it "sparkle."

6.  Bookhounds...YA - First of all, let me say I'm completely  jealous of this blog.  These writers pour hours into reading YA lit, a genre I truly love.  If there is YA book out there I want to read, this blog is my best bet in learning more about it.  I love it for its frequent updates and matter-of-fact while still intriguing posts about the books they read.  They also hold cool give-aways and contests from time to time.  I'm a sucker for free books.

7.  The YA Sisterhood - another amazing YA blog about amazing YA books.  I could read this blog for hours, and then I wouldn't have time to read anything else.  One of the most fun things they do is called tournaments where they pit literary characters against one another.  It is just super good fun.  Check them out.

8. - One of my favorite authors.  Most of her blogs share little ins and outs about her books and release dates, but I still consider her to be a versatile blogger because she does little give-aways from time to time AND shares funny tidbits about her travels. 

9.  The Way I See It -  This is another new blog that I know we will all see great things from.  A dear friend and a talented writer and poet, she is just embarking upon upon the world of blogging and I wish her the very best!

10.  Rants from Mommyland - I don't even remember how I found this blog and I don't have words to describe it - but in general, LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY!  A must read for any parent.

11.  WOW!  Women on Writing Blog - this blog has been, hands down, one of the best advice blogs I've ever read for writing.  They also have short story contest, Friday posts (little tidbits from guest writers), and classes you can take to better your writing.  Truly, truly great!

It's cooking and crafty time!

11. The Crafted Sparrow - I just started following this blog.  What WONDERFUL ideas.  I have learned so much in just the few short weeks that I have been reading this blog.  I am completely inspired by her versatile approach to projects, life, and crafts.

12.  The Cupcake Project - Talk about versatile!  WOW!!!!  Anyone for  Pumpkin Mudslide Cupcakes?  Or how about Apple Bacon Cheddar Cupcakes with Mesquite frosting?  Or even Beer cupcakes (Hefeweisen to be exact)?  All these recipes and more are contained in the Recipe Index.  Not only is this blog about cupcakes amazing and I want to make everyone of them - stumbling upon it gave me a chick lit novel idea that I'd like to day. 

If Pinterst, Twitter or Facebook counted, that would have give me three more to add to the list reaching 15, but technically they are not blogs.

My next post will be five interesting facts about me that you may not know - I will do my best to give that a literary title spin :-).

Happy blogging, happy reading.

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  1. LOL, Cresta, about tossing the award right back to me! Does that make my blog doubly versatile? ;) Love the links you provide here -- will be visiting them when I get my next virtual break. :)Thanks for the lovely things you said about the Magic Mirror. Oh, and I love how you included some of your favorite posts for some of them -- great idea.