Saturday, December 31, 2011

Through the Refelction Glass - 2011

New Year's Eve is here again.  2012 is on the horizon and I thought it might be interesting to take a peek at the blog I wrote as 2011 approached; see what I did and did not accomplish according to my plans for me (and a few others that pitched in).

My "otherly" list (New Year's resolutions shouted out by friends and family) were as follows.  I've taken the liberty of bolding those endeavors for some people that I KNOW they accomplished - kudos to you!  This is not to say the ones "not bolded" did not meet their match in 2011, I just haven't been privy to the accomplishment details.

  • Home Improvement
  • Less yelling
  • Become more fluent in my Spanish
  • Cook more...learn to enjoy it
  • Keep in better touch with lifelong friends
  • Read more (some have an organized list of books)
  • Watch more movies (also with an organized list)
  • Organize my digital photos and create photo books that are past due
  • Special time with children, especially one on one opportunities
  • Better job
  • Get in shape
  • Take over the world in six days (a hefty goal!)
  • Take and Cherish each day .."One day at a Time"
  • Watch less crap TV (I like this one)
  • Learn to time an engine (courtesy of my husband)
  • Lose weight- again
  • Not to break anything important... (courtesy of my dad who is nursing my mom back to health after a shattered elbow accident while recovering from surgery himself - they are a pair!)
  • To write more. A LOT more. :)
  • More time to paint, quilt, and garden
  • Lose the baby weight
  • Do more for myself without neglecting my family (from a mom no doubt - do we ever pull this off?
  • Be nicer to stupid people, they can't help it.  (This one I KNOW did not happen, for me or the person that suggested it last year...)
Not too bad.  I'm sure more was accomplished out there, I just don't know about it.  I do laugh a little at the "lose weight-get in shape" resolutions, most that went untouched.  I, myself, fell burden to dropping this ball, too.  Right about the time school started and I ran out of hours in the day. 

My personal resolutions were "to be more patient (with my son, my students, myself, and even the stupid people from the comment above), to write more (enrolled in a writing class that started today and I'm working on the HW tonight!), read more for myself and less of what others think I should read (four books are stacked on the night stand as I type and not one of them are on the school's required reading list), laugh more - I want to see the humor in things, the light side of the equation when there is one, up my devotional time (I'm using The Busy Mom's Devotional by Lisa T. Bergen) so I can revel more in the blessings God has bestowed upon me (my wonderful husband, my beautiful son, and my fantastic family and friends), and last but not least, enjoy being me (I assure you, this is harder than it sounds)."

Oh WOW!  Did I ever drop the proverbial New Year's ball!?!?!?!  OUCH! 

What I didn't accomplish:  For starters, I was not patient.  Probably not with anyone, and my lack of patience stressed me out to no end.  I did not write more, in fact in 2011 I wrote less than in 2010.  I did take a few writing classes, but I didn't really produce much worth sharing with others.  I didn't laugh like I wanted to.  I did not enjoy being me, at all.

What I did accomplish:  I did read more, and what I wanted to read.  I started a daily devotional and my spiral full of spiritual focus is sitting in front of me right now. And I made friends for the first time in a long time, real friends from acquaintances that were there all along (this wasn't on the list, but it such as a great thing to happen!)

2011 was a tough year, for me and for many people I know.  We battled and fought our entire way through it and frankly, some years are just like that.  I lost my Papa, quarreled with long-time friends, distanced myself from my extended family, lost my hope and faith in humanity (slowly finding it again), doubted myself, doubted others.  Only one word really sums it up - BLEH.

But, there were still many blessing amidst the struggles - my husband, my son, and my parents topping that list (both mine and Jerry's).  My friends both here and abroad that seem to be just fine with me and my struggles and my inability to shut-up (because I talk entirely too much!).  I am still gainfully employed (for now-eek!) and I have a house, a home, a life, a church family, and two precious puppy dogs (and one lizard) that make me complete.

So - this year, my resolutions do not change.  They are the same as my vows of 2011 because I am still a person worth working on.  I will end this blog in the same way I did last year:

The list is long my friends and many are things that take time to accomplish, but none are impossible.  I think New Year's is a time where many people look at themselves in the mirror, really look, and ask 'how can I make this better?'.  I know I do.

And the beauty of this time honored tradition:  if you screw it up or ruin your resolutions (much like I did last year), another New Year's Eve will come along and you can kiss your special someone at midnight and start all over again.

Happy 2012!! 

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