Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shelly's Second Chance by Hope Chandler and LB Swan

Many of you read my blog about The Naked Gardner and enjoyed it.  LB Gschwandtner is quickly becoming an author of choice for me.  When I was offered a free Kindle download by her for her new book Shelly's Second Chance (written under a light pen name and with a co-author), I readily accepted the chance to read it.

The Wish Granters is a series about two characters, Alana and Joe, that have ended their time on earth a bit earlier than either of them planned.  I'm giving nothing away here, this happens right at the beginning of the series and sets the stage for the "rest of the story".

Both Alana and Joe have been given the chance to redeem themselves in either life or death by granting the wishes of three women.  The first book, Shelly's Second Chance, follows Shelly throughout her journey to become a better her.  She is a known gambler, but a smart woman.  Consider her lost - like many of us.  She thinks if she can just cash in on the big win, all her problems will be solved.  However, we all know money doesn't change everything.  We must be the ones to change.  Once Alana and Joe enter her life, it seems things are looking up via a big win trip to Vegas, but when Shelly almost loses everything, she starts to see her choices are what must change, not just her finances. 

The toughest part of it all for Alana and Joe is their job is too easy, they simply grant her wish.  Yet, they must watch as Shelly twists and turns it into a million other things than what either of them wanted for her.

Chandler and Swan weave a beautiful story about tough choices within this novel.  As the reader, you are quickly drawn into the bright lights, big city feel of what Shelly wants, but you also know this won't be the way she solves her problems.  Even while reading, the subconscious constantly nags at you for Shelly - you know this can't be the way her life will be.  This is the result of great writing, to make the reader feel what the characters feel - want for them, hurt for them, laugh at them, love them.  Shelly's journey is one we all know too well - the desire for a quick fix.  Chandler and Swan help us all see that a "quick fix" will not change our destiny - we must change ourselves.

This is a quick read and available for only .99 cents on (until tomorrow - oops!  Had every intention of writing this review sooner!).  It is Kindle addition only, so break out your digital e-reader.  The best part is, this is a series and I cannot wait to see what Alana and Joe entertain next!

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  1. This sounds like a great read. Thanks for recommending it.