Saturday, December 17, 2011

I am a lucky girl...

I woke up this morning sick as a dog.  It's normal right now - I've been sick for over a week with no end in sight.  And I had every intention of writing about my recovery appointment for my little hospital stay, and I'm still going to do that because I found it interesting and I love my doctor so, I like to brag about him.

But, this morning I will brag only about my awesome amazing son.  There is not a little boy on this earth more precious than him.  Much to my chagrin, after I chided him yesterday about losing his sweatshirt, he hands me, with a sad little face this card saying, "I made this for you..."

If you can't read the card it says:  I love you mom.  I hope you feel better.  Your (we'll talk about your vs. you're later) the best mom ever.  I'm glad your out of the hospital.

To include his standard family drawing, with his (and my) lovely hair, and of course, Jerry without.  

I've got some issues these days, but being loved is not one of them.  God truly blessed me when He chose me to be CJ's mom.  May you all have this feeling of love and devotion from a child in your life at some time.  There is nothing greater.

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