Thursday, October 13, 2011

It Would be Funny...If it Wasn't True

So - for entertainment value, I've found several cartoons that I think are worth sharing today.

This about sums it up for testing - I would love to see that Elephant climb the tree.  Then again, if he pulls it down with his trunk and lets everyone else slither up from the ground, is that cheating or differentiated instruction?

WOW!  This one is SO TRUE!!!!  I think you get it, but if you think for one second this doesn't happen - you are naive.  It does!  I'm not saying there aren't some "bad" teachers out there, but for the most part, we really do try and when your child turns in "F" work and you expect a "B" because he did "something"  - c'mon!

Yep - this one, too.  My job is in the hands of 16 year-olds that don't care.  See the next two cartoons for a visual.

We test and we test and we test and we test and we test and we test and we test and we test (feel the redundancy yet??)  Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Einstein.  (Who I'm pretty sure would have failed in our current educational system!)

Our favorite question - "Do I really need to know this?"  I would have preferred a graphic for reading because they believe that is just a real waste of time, but the math one will have to do.

And on that note - this is why they can't read!!!!!
In my editing process I have to actually include "no text-messaging verbiage" in this paper.  Of course, they don't know what verbiage means and God forbid they look it up in the dictionary right under their desk!

I know I'm on a rant this week, but I'm off for Fall Break and dreading Monday.  I guess this helps me get it all out.


  1. Don't worry Mrs. McGowan, I'm sure if anyone can teach them you can.

  2. Derek - I miss ya'll terribly! I hope you are doing well :-).