Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer - PoetryChallenge2011

Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer - PoetryChallenge2011

For today's prompt, write a "what if" poem. It could be a "what if" from the past, present or future. For instance, what if no one discovered electricity? (How would we do this challenge?)

The Absence of Apathy

What if one discovered they couldn't fail?
Not that they wouldn't fail, but couldn't fail?
That being frail was a veil to assume
only until the effort resumed.
And apathy was never a moment of thought
outside a moment of discourage...
not a permanent loss.
Would the world be full of hope and desire?
A kindling of presence?
Lighting a fire
in a world where they cared
and wanted
and aspired
to be great.
Indifference at stake
An apoplectic debate
that killed and spilled
the blood of those who wanted to steal
dreams and goals...
ambitions unfold
and apathy was apathetically -

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