Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 27, The 30-Day Photo Challenge

Day twenty-seven:  A picture of yourself and family member...

Meet my baby brother Scott (he's in his early 30's now - I'll be kind)...

These photos are obviously old and from a time when the world between brother and sister was "peachy keen".  I am older by three and half years.  When Scott was born, I was not happy (so I'm told) and our time growing up together was filled with plenty of bumps and bruises, dares that resulted in concussions, and even a whack on the head with a broom once (sorry!).  As we aged, we found a middle ground that we could often agree on and like most siblings, we stood up for one another - still do.  It was one thing for me to crack on my brother and vice versa, but don't you dare do it, those are fighting words.  Scott was a fierce protector of me on more than one occasion and while he was the little brother, he took good care of his big sister.

There was a time when Scott and I were even roommates as adults and shared a duplex, but it was a tough time for my brother and it didn't end well.  We have definitely had some "falling outs" over the years, but somehow we land on our feet again.  I guess that's what siblings do.

Now, Scott is all grown-up and a daddy and I must say, for all the things he has struggled with in his life, this is not one of them.  He is one of the most natural dad's I've ever seen and loves his little girl (my adorable niece) was a love that rivals my own love for my son.  She is blessed to have him, and one day she will understand this.  At three, Daddy is just wrapped around her finger (but I have a feeling he will still be when she is 16).

As we both manage our adult lives, the good, the bad, and the ugly, there are still childlike moments between the two of us where I find a certain comfort in being Scott's sister.  When my visits home to Texas provide a glimpse into our past where we shared playtime, movies, and toys.  Where we sang all the words to Grease and I laughed uncontrollably more than once at his imitations of Ross Perot and Eddie Murphy (yes, he has quite a range).

I want for my brother than he has professionally as he has this incredible gift of working with children that struggle -mentally and physically, but life has handed him challenges he wasn't ready to deal with - some kismet, some a devil of his own doing.  I still hope one day, he will find his true passion and pursue it without obstacle.

For all that we've been through together and for all that is still yet to come, I love you, baby brother.

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