Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 23, The 30-Day Photo Challenge

Day twenty-three:  A picture of your favorite book...

PUH-LEASE!  There is just no way to even begin to answer this prompt - no way at all.  So, here is what I currently have on the bookshelf at home - it is quite an incomplete collection of my books.  I have two other shelves at work filled with novels I've read, and a Kindle slammed full of books I've read and/or want to read.

Some books stand out in my mind as favorites over the years, of course.  I loved To Kill a Mockingbird - who doesn't?  Harry Potter series - awesome.  Stephen King - phenomenal writer (prefer his short stories).  I'm partial to the book I'm writing of course (In Death, Do We Part?) but it is far from finished.  I really enjoy Sara Zarr's work - she writes in a way that touches the human soul, and Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love left an exceptional mark on me.  I like Ayn Ran, whose writing delves into the dystopian concept of the world.

My bookshelf is on my blog, and it already needs to be updated because I can't stop buying books - it's a weakness.  I prefer books to clothes and shoes these days....really, I do.  Books do NOT care how much weight I gain or lose - I appreciate that about them.

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