Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 22, The 30-Day Photo Challenge

Day twenty-two:  A picture of something you wish you were better at...

This is really hard for me.  There are many things I wish I was better at (I'm not even going to talk about how poorly written the day's request is...ending a sentence with "at" - but I'm not going to judge).  I wish I was a better teacher, a better writer, a better wife, a better mother, a better christian, a better friend, and the list goes on and on and on.  But, when I look at this list, it becomes a repeat of my blog about my biggest insecurity - failure.  So while I do wish all of these things were true, today we are going with something practical.

I wish I was better at math.  Yes, math.

I'm quite certain this picture is the square root of something - what, I don't know?  I have to take the GRE on March 24 at 9:00a and there will be a lengthy timed math section.  I am terrified.  This test determines entrance into my next program of study to become an administrator in middle or high school.  There is a writing and verbal section on the GRE and while there is a bit of trepidation over the analogy section in the vocabulary, the writing I'm not too worried about.  It will be persuasive and I can argue fairly well, valid points and all.

But the math part - WOW!  As I flip through the practice book, it looks like it is written in another language.  I was never a strong math student and without even a glance at the Pythagorean theorem in the last ten years or so, I'm sure it will be my demise.  But, I'm pushing forward full steam ahead and taking the test.  If I fail, such is life.  I will retake it in June after an intensive study with a math teacher I've already secured.  At least I work somewhere with math teachers readily available...the joys of being part of the high school faculty.


  1. Just remember all math is just addition. subtraction, multiplication, and division. That square is just a facny version of what math move forward.

  2. I hope that theory pans out - I'll be taking the test while ya'll are will either be a fun night or a night I sit down a plan out my study path to retake it in June!