Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 17, The 30-Day Photo Challenge

Day Seventeen: A picture of something that has made and huge impact on your life recently...

It's not a leap for readers to understand this one:  WRITING!

This is my new writing desk (in my newly made office).  It was custom-made for the purpose of me having a place to write that was all my own.  I love it.  I've written bits and pieces of my Young Adult novel sitting at this desk, an essay that I sent off for hopeful publication, and numerous blogs that my readers have been kind enough to read.

My writing desk smells like fresh-cut wood on a rainy day, a beautiful rich scent that drifts up from the drawers any time I open one.  That alone keeps me sitting here for hours.

I never thought about being a writer, literally never, but here I am.  In high school my mother would read my papers and tell me, "If I was your teacher, you'd fail this..." and she was right.  Absolutely right.  I thought she just didn't know what she was talking about, I always got "A's" and she was always baffled by this.  See, my teachers graded solely on content.  I have good ideas when I'm writing, but it took me a long time to put them down on paper in a true readable fashion.  My grammar and conventions were horrible, my paragraphs unstructured, my flow nonexistent.  It wasn't until college when I had Dr. Scott at Blinn College in Brenham, TX that I really learned to write well.  On my first paper he wrote across the top, "There is nothing in here worth reading, see me."  OUCH!  And I'd been an "A" student.  But, much like my mother, he was right, too.  He took the time to teach me how to write and from there, I took off.  All it took was someone showing me the right way to do it (Granted, my mother could have and does still, but we all know we tend to learn best from outside the family.  I'm sure CJ will let me know how little I know about English when he's older, even though it's what I do for a living.).

Now I write because I want to, and I really enjoy it.  I love seeing the story come to life or watch my point materialize in an essay or a blog.  I enjoy my reader's comments (and would love to see more on the blog) and feel really good when someone says, "That's just what I needed to read today..."  WOW!  My words meant so much to someone else, that truly warms my heart.

Writing is still a new venture to me, but I become stronger every time I sit down and craft my thoughts.  Chapter one of my hopeful novel In Death, Do We Part? (working title, no telling how many times that will change - it's already changed once) will be posted soon - I hope you all enjoy reading it.

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  1. I look forward to reading chapter one of your novel! I also enjoy that you've taken such a liking to writing because as I've gotten older I've grown to appreciate reading. :)