Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to Blogger...

Well folks...I am back on Blogger.  Wordpress, in their infinite wisdom, decided that because I properly cited a few websites (dang English teacher in me - I avoid plagiarism) that I was advertising and without provocation (or friggin' notice for that matter) deactivated my blog with a little message saying "sorry for the inconvenience".  More like caused momentary heart failure.

So - for those that subscribed, you may cancel your subscription to www.crestalmcgowan.wordpress.com because even if they do reinstate my blog, I would not do business with a company that treated its patrons in that way.

I'm not sure I have everything set up 100% correctly here, but I will continue to tweak it over the next few days to be sure I can still post and you all can still comment.  Thank you for following me - it means so much!


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