Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 5, The 30-Day Photo Challenge

Day Five - Your favorite memory.

This is a photo of my son and me the day he was born.  As you can see, it is written on around the edges as I pulled this from his baby book.  Time of birth:  5:12a.  He is not an early riser now and we are thankful for this.  The photo is after he's been cleaned up and wrapped up and I was allowed to shower.  No way did I look this composed directly after his birth.

He is, without a doubt, my favorite memory and continues to fill each day with his amazing presence and love.  This day, November 1, 2003, was the most amazing and blessed day of my life.  I remember I cried the moment he was laid on my chest.  I knew then and there my love for him was fierce in a way I'd never felt an emotion before.  The bond between mother and child is so strong, so defined that I can hardly breathe sometimes to think of it.

CJ is seven years old now and feisty as he can be.  It amazes me when I look at him that he was ever this small and vulnerable to the world.  That I was his only protector (his father was deployed) and terrified beyond belief to bring him into the real world, even under my shield.  I just knew I was going to screw things up when he was a baby because I was truly clueless.  Then again, there are days I still wonder what made me think I could be a good mom?  It is the hardest AND the BEST thing I've ever done.

There are many nights that I still tiptoe quietly into his room and watch him sleep.  When he drifts off to dreamland I can still picture this tiny face you see here peeking at me from under his blankets.  Tears fill my eyes as I am overcome with the blessing he is, what a true honor it is to be his mother.


  1. This post is beautiful. It makes me actually want to experience it one day. And usually I'm anti- having babies cause i'm so scared, lol.

    I want to be a mom like you. Thanks for being such a great role model.

  2. Thank you! Being a mom is the greatest thing I've ever done. There are days that are a struggle because I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's always worth it!