Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 4, The 30-Day Photo Challenge

Day Four - a picture of your night.

I'm not quite sure how to read this one. My favorite night?  It doesn't say favorite. A Starry Night?  Wait, that's Van Gough. I'm going to read this as a regular night in my life.

Photos don't really capture it all. Depends on the day, but most nights are filled with homework (CJ's and mine), dinner, dishes, laundry, making lunches and coffee for the next day, bath time, writing time (if I'm lucky) and eventually bed time. With Jerry home now, my nights are much less stressed, that is for certain. He takes CJ to his basketball practices and often enforces shower limits and bed times rules, but nonetheless, we stay busy.  Some nights, daddy is working late and it's just CJ and me.  We usually cheat on these nights and eat dinner upstairs.  Daddy has a mustang to enthrall CJ, but mommy has TV trays!

Tonight my wonderful husband spent the evening playing with his new iPhone. This is the first picture and it's pretty accurate for the end of a night in the McGowan household.

Sleep well all!

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