Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 11, The 30-Day Photo Challenge

Day Eleven: A picture of something you hate...

Well, contrary to a previous blog about snow days, I admit:  I HATE SNOW!

Probably more so cold weather, but here in TN, snow seems to come with it.  While I love a "snow day" (a contradiction, I'm well aware - just call me Walt Whitman) I hate the actual white stuff and chilly temperatures that allow me to wallow in warmth in my home.  My son, on the other hand, loves snow and begs to  play in it every time the flakes fall from the sky.  But, I do not.  Jerry does not. Jerry and I were both raised in warmer climates.  He spent his youth in Arizona, Spain, the Philippines, and Texas.  Me, down south in Texas because Texas is great.  We enjoy mid-80's to upper 90's.  60's to 70's is a "nice" day, but anything that dips below 50 degrees, well now that's just COLD!

Jerry is more tolerable of snow than I am because he not get as cold as I do.  I think that is why snow bothers me so much.  It's not the traffic, nor the slush, nor the ice (I don't go out in it and I don't mind staying home); it's the bone-chilling, can't feel my toes, red-frozen cheeks and fingers cold that snow creates.

I despise being cold. I don't need to be cold to enjoy hot chocolate or tea or coffee.  I am happy to sip any of these beverages when the temperature is down-right scorching outside.  But, here in the North (yes, this is the North to me!) I must learn to tolerate snow.  So, with all of this said...I hate snow!  (But I still love a "snow day".)

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  1. I hear ya! It's pretty and all but I'm so glad we don't usually get more than a day or two of snow here. If that! :) I am naturally cold also and could drink a hot drink or eat hot soups year round. I don't like for it to be freezing cold outside either! :)