Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 10, The 30-Day Photo Challenge

Day Ten: A picture of the person you the most silly things with.

Now, I am not "silly" by nature. Sarcastic? Yes. But, silly, not really in my repertoire. I don't know why? I think I've spent too much trying to be "just right". My overwhelming fear of failure or being embarrassed often keeps me from having a better time than I am. But, with CJ and Jerry, I sometimes let my guard down. I know I should let it down more.

The photo for today's challenge is a picture of the day we got the big trampoline (that was destroyed by a tree last winter, but I digress). That is me, about the height of Jerry's head while CJ runs circles around the outside of the bouncer. While this seems simple, I assure you much cajoling was entertained before I was willing to jump.  I need to be willing to "jump" more often.

I have no idea why I am like this - some of the best times of my life have been when I stopped acting like an adult and started acting like a kid again, just for a little while.

So, a note to myself and others: Find your inner child and let him or her out to play - you just might surprise yourself!


  1. So you do have a Flangdoodle.

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  3. Well I guess I do! I laughed at this comment...a flangdoodle - only my dad! :-)

  4. Unfortunately, you are too much like your mother. I applaud your "silliness."

  5. Looks like fun to me!! You should be silly more often! :)