Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Days and Other Musings...

This is from last year, we didn't quite this much last night.
I love snow days. It's so pretty outside, everything covered in white. I love them because I don't have to travel in them.  I love them because I hate being out in cold weather and snow keeps me in the house in front of my lovely fireplace.  Around here, the slightest bit of precipitation will close down school and that is just fine with me.  We southerners can't drive in the icy mess.  I was worried last night that it wasn't going to happen and I went to bed on time like I always do silently praying for snow.  I told the kids yesterday not to get their hopes up because I knew if school didn't close, they'd be in such a bad mood today they'd be almost intolerable all the while hoping in my own little world that we'd hear the coveted message we all wanted to hear:  No school.

I know I'm going to have to make them up if we miss more than three, but this is our first one this year and I can say with a lot of support - we needed it.  We missed more than three days last year.  Our calendar allows for three days without punishment.  However, for the last three years, we've missed more than three days because of weather.  You would think the powers that be might want to adjust for this in the calendar.  If we aren't out, our students get more time at school - is this a bad thing?  Seems it's not, but I digress.  When I do have to make-up inclement weather days, it is planned, expected even. Snow days are a surprise. God's little way of saying, "It seems you needed a little break, here you go." Granted, we just finished the Christmas Holidays, but I found myself wanting just a little more time off this year.

Most likely because my fall semester was so challenging.  I've probably harped on that too much, and I'm done.  But also because of it, I found myself working on nothing for me, especially writing more (which I miss dearly). I love sitting down to my notebooks and scrawling out ideas, seeing them become something special on the page.  But, right now, they remain scrawl.

Also from last year, my little guy is still snoozing today!
I'm also thrilled because I was not off for MLK Holiday due to a meeting I'm a part of.  I will grumble a bit that Monday morning, but not near as much now that I got to have a three-day weekend, too!

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

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