Sunday, January 9, 2011

In my next life...

In my next life I'd like to come back as a dog. And not just any dog; my dog or more specifically, my mother's dogs who just may be the most spoiled on the planet.

Right now my dog is chasing his tail in circles on the deck. He's happy as a clam doing this in 12 degree weather because his big shaggy golden coat protects him from the elements. In the summer, we shave it down to a pretty blonde and he is just as handsome and happy with his hair long or short. How many women spend tireless hours on that debate - short hair, long hair, brown hair, blonde hair - I do.

He spends his days lounging around, playing ball, and chasing rabbits.  He's never caught a rabbit that I know of, but it doesn't stop his pursuit.  His efforts are tireless and never thwarted by failure.  In the winter he sleeps in front of the fire or on a cushy bed at the top of the stairs defending the home front.  In the summer, he lounges around the garage with Jerry, a perfect shop dog, and rests comfortably under the shade tree in the backyard.  Yep...his life is pretty dog gone good.

But here is the true reason I want to be a dog in my next life.  Love.  Dogs love you unconditionally and you love them back.  Oh sure, you get upset when they pee on the carpet or chew up your best black heels, but you always forgive them.  And you will defend your dog to the death if someone or something attempts to hurt your pet.  Do we do this for other humans?  Certainly not.  How often do you walk by an uncomfortable situation and just let it go.  Hurt. Pain. Violence.  We all witness this and we rarely react, we don't want to get involved.  It's none of our business.  But a dog - you will get involved.  Immediately.  Not just for your dog, but for any dog. You will yell, call police, take in the dog, help it, feed it, love it.  But you don't stand idly by and watch a dog be abused, but we watch people take abuse, and often do nothing to save them.

Dogs will also defend you, without question.  They don't care if you're right or wrong, all they know is someone has tried to hurt their owner and this will just not stand.  Friends bow out at the slightest inconvenience not wanting to really risk it all for someone else, they have themselves to think of after all.  And I am just as bad as anyone else, I carry just as much fault as my brothers and sisters in this world.  But try to hurt a dog...I will take you down.

Dogs have unwavering loyalty to the people they love.  Period.

Dogs are always happy to see you whether you've been gone five minutes or five days.  I can walk out to get the mail and return and my dog is thrilled, tickled pink even, that I've return to him.  Endearing.

I came to understand this outpouring of doggie love when my puppy of 14 years passed away.  I had more hits on Facebook for Tuffy's death than any other event I've posted, and that is fine.  Dogs play an unbelievably important roles in our lives.

So in my next life, I would like to return as a loved, spoiled rotten, lazy, happy hound dog and live my days playing ball and resting under the shade tree.  Yep...that'd be alright with me.

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