Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I hate fundraisers. I despise the way my son's elementary school is perpetuating the door to door salesman image every year, multiple times a year - didn't they hear? The salesman died. Stop it.

Four times now, FOUR, my son has come home toting crap that no one needs and no one wants. And to top it off, the icing on the I hate fundraisers cake, they offer prizes for items sold. Not prizes like we had when we were kids out of a catalog that were individual choices - a jambox, a pair of earrings, an Atari (yeah - that takes you way back) - but IN SCHOOL privileges like jump parties, 3-D movies, and Hummer Limo rides to Chuck E. Cheese (and we wonder why kids grow up thinking you must have big money and big cars to be considered successful).

Any you may wonder why does this irk me? Because it's not a 1st grader that will sell $250 worth of crappy chocolate to get the 3D movie extravaganza, it's the parents. Do I get to see a movie - NOPE! I work. All day, every day. Work. Furthermore, what about the children whose parents can't sell the useless items? The ones whose parents work a night shift, the ones who cannot under any circumstances sign for a $50 box of chocolate because if they can't sell it, they have to pay the $50 (no returns) and they can't afford it. Their kid can't even get a measly bracelet that I'm sure cost less than $1!!

So, with that said, we are not participating in the fundraiser this time.  I will not sell mass amounts of candy to a society that complains about an obesity epidemic.  We will not sell World Class Chocolate (and for those that have fond memories of this brand, I assure you the quality of the chocolate has tanked beyond measure - had a bar last year - bleh!) for $50 a case.  And finally, we will not force the purchase of gigantic coupon books that no one ever uses.

God help the people who knock on my door.  My no soliciting sign is below for your viewing pleasure, yes - this is actually up at my house.


  1. I always love what you write, but this particular one had me laughing. Keep 'em comin'!