Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It is...

It is the the little things
that unravel you.
Get caught in a snare and set you on fire deep inside in ways you never thought they could,
and it takes so little
only a second in time for the little things to jump
up on you, like fireflies from the grass on a warm summer evening past...
It is the little things

It is the big things
that sew you back together.
That pull and tug at the skin in your gut, your gullet forcing you to swallow down your pride,
and it takes the big things
to attack you, to make you open your eyes
wide until they are dry fighting back tears from the lashes that hold in your cry
It is the big things

It is a moment
that changes a destiny.
Sheds light on the situation, the depravation, the starvation of all that you seek,
and it takes only a moment
to submerge you beneath waves of your own shame like water to a flame that goes out
It is a moment

It is the truth
that squeezes your heart.
Tight, tight, tighter until the bursting sensation of what is, what was and what will be surrounds you,
and it takes only the truth
to make you succumb to your own reality taking in the frailty of what lies beneath
It is the truth

And it is.
It is the big
And the small
A moment
A truth
that makes you stop living with your eyes wide shut
that makes you take off the blindfold
and view it all without your rose-colored glasses
It is.
It is.

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