Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Because he is awesome...

This blog is dedicated to my son.  He is finishing up the big "K" and subsequently bringing home work his teacher held throughout the year.  Digging through his backpack I found an assignment that got my attention.  It is a full page, front and back, of sentences.  I thought it might be a story, but as I read it, I realized the ideas didn't flow, exactly.  I asked him about it and he said there was a list of words and they had to make sentences out of each word.  This is what he wrote (spelling errors still in tact):

I am from Mexico.  I am very very little.  He was cool.  I drew a pictrer that was blue.  It was happy because my Grandma was there.  I am two years old.  I was comeing home.  I had a pictre that was yellow.  I am four years old.  I like to eat cupcakes.  I like green picters.  Where am I?  I am cool.  I like me.  I see a bus.  I am looking at a bus.  I said clean your room.  We where at home but we left the house.  I like you.  The bus is leaving.  I'm beging you for that toy.  That is cool.  You are funny.  I have a toy.  I am happy of my Grandpa.  What is funny?  I like my toys.  She is pretty.  I like to play.  I am at home.  I am five years old. 

I found this endearing, amazing, and impressive.  Endearing for thoughts about his Grandma, his Grandpa, and himself, amazing that at his age he can construct this many written thoughts, and impressive as this is as good as any other stream of consciousness writing I've seen; even from adults. 

As a teacher, I see potential as a student.  As a mother, I see a bright future for my child.  As a writer, well...I think you see what I see. I have no intention of pigeon-holing my child into any profession, but any parent out there reading this can resonate with how exciting it is to see possibilities for your child; especially in a world where there are so many barriers to success.

The road ahead is long and changing.  I know this all too well.  But I will keep this simple token of how strong he started and use it as a reminder for us both when the going gets tough, that he, in and of himself, is always enough!

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  1. He truly is awesome (and he has awesome parents)! ...Mom/Grandma