Monday, April 26, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I recently order flavored coffee from The Flying Bean.  I requested two different flavors, Apricot Creme and Alexander Brandy, both sound decadent and delicious!  Today they arrived and I am more than excited to load up my coffee pot and awake to the aroma of new coffee wafting through my house.  This is a simple pleasure for me, fresh brewed coffee every morning in my coffee pot I set the night before so that it automatically starts my day, another simple pleasure - an automatic coffee pot.

These daily ideas of pleasures that we love are all around us; a morning smile from my son, a message from my husband, a student that says hi when they didn't have to in the hallway, a co-worker that asks "how was your weekend?"  Simple gestures that are simple pleasures that we often take for granted, and life is full of them.  They satisfy like nothing else and put an endless smile across our faces.

We each have our own idea of what completes us and not everyone will find satisfaction in the same things, but isn't that still a simple pleasure we're afforded?  The idea that we are each unique in our very own way and therefore don't all love the same things.  Isn't is amazing how there are enough moments to go around for everyone and that simple pleasures never step on anyone else's toes and never seem to get in the way of our time, our clarity, or our essence.  In fact, some of the daily doses of ease we enjoy often make-up who we are.  I know I can't function without my morning cup of Joe and my friends and students know it, too.

We are all part of a society that is constantly on the go and rather than focus another moment on finding time to do things for ourselves, it's often necessary we enjoy what already exists that keeps us moving from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day.

Dove Milk Chocolate Promises, 9.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)It is with this idea that today's post will be short, but sweet as another simple pleasure I relish is going to bed early after savoring a piece of Dove Chocolate so I can cuddle with my son before he dozes off.  I will then read my book (currently making my way through As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner) and drift off to sleep with the rhythm of my son's breath close by. 

There is nothing extraordinary about my day; a good cup of coffee, a homemade lunch, an evening dose of chocolate, a night with my son, but it is these regular occurrences that make my life special, bearable, unique; the moments of simple pleasure I am eternally grateful for.

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things" (Robert Brault).


  1. You have found a voice that really speaks to the ideals that your mother and I tried to teach you and your brother. Life is something that you live and the small things make up a life. Everyday, every moment should be savored.

  2. I'm just lucky to have had parents that taught me these things! The blog about that is coming, it's on the list! :)

  3. I really liked this one. It's short, sweet, simple and really to the point. Too often we just get caught up and don't enjoy the little things. :D It made me smile.