Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joining the world of blogging...

I've said recently I need a blog. A way to type out what I feel the moment it hits my mind; often like a headache, and yet I hesitate to put out to the world my thoughts and ideas. I don't know if anyone will read this or if this is simply my way of living out loud, but what I do know is that my time to find my voice is long overdue.

I want to be a writer. Not just someone that talks about writing, but someone that writes pieces that make a difference. I hope to spend time commenting on those ideas as I let go of what I spin in my mind each day here on the web. It is not enough to jot down notes or keep a journal; I've found both to be unorganized and chaotic so in a world of modern modalities, it is the blog I turn to for my daily plate.

I've not written before, I am a true novice. I am a teacher, a parent, a spouse, an artist, but not a writer. Recently, and by recently I mean over the last two years, literature has taken an inescapable hold on me and I found that not only do I love to read the word written on the page, but that there might be an underlying talent in my own ability to develop ideas others might find enticing, thrilling, funny, sad, or just there to resonate with as a way of knowing that we all feel this way sometimes.

You will find errors in my posts, no doubt. I'm notorious for typing fast and never catching a typo until it's too late. I speak in circles and dabble in ovals from time to time looping my thoughts around to each other in an ADHD pattern that almost surely loses those that must remain on a narrow path; but rest assured the point will circle around and become known, eventually.

I don't know that this blog will become anything more than a diary for me, a way to vent about daily frustrations, about life. But for now, it is simply something overdue for my creative brain and took hold tonight as the moment of birth began.

Tomorrow brings a new day, a day I hope to make an entry that is the first of many spewing rhetoric about the life I live, the students I teach, the child I parent, the marriage I adore. For tonight, creating this blog was the first step on the rung of a ladder that presently has no end. I may be alone here forever; and that will be o.k. as solitude rarely gets the credit it deserves, or maybe by chance another soul will find its way to my pages and note that my every day ramblings about life, love, literature, language, benefit their every day desire to know that someone out there gets "it", too.

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  1. long overdue...will be wonderful to follow the beginning of your destiny. MLG